Friday, June 29, 2018

Pictures of some of our members' work!!!!!

Here is a sample of work by some of our members........
                                          Jordan Valederies shows off his ship
                                         Roger Clemons shows his handcrafted Velocipede
                                          More work by Roger
                                          Mike Anthony's B&M Truck
                                          Scotty Mallett's Tank
                                          Scotty Mallett's Ford F-150 Crew Cab Kit
The next meeting of the Tri-State Modelers Club will be on Friday. July 6 at the Conway Scenic Railroad Freight House, Conway Scenic Railroad, Norcross Circle, North Conway, NH.

The meeting begins with a short business meeting at 7 PM and then we will have a show and tell Coffee and discussion. The meeting ends at 9 PM.

Coffee is provided, bring a snack or pastry to share.

Dues are $10 a year for Adults and Seniors and $5 for children under 14

Bring a kit for show and tell and even better, bring a friend along as well!!!